Dear Sir or Madam

My name is Andrzej Cichy

I am a co-author of the guide „Guidelines for designing 110 kV cable lines” issued in 2019 by the Polish Society of Transmission and Distribution of Electricity, which is  dedicated for designers, contractors and operators of cable systems.

Additionally, I have co-authored several publications in journals from the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) journal list:

  • Anders G.J., Dietrich J., Brakelmann H., Böing R, May H.P, Cichy A. (2011) „Improvement of Cable Ampacities with an Application of a New Thermal Backfill Material”, Electricity Today Magazine, USA.
  • Cichy, A., Sakowicz, B., Kaminski M., (2017a) „Detailed Model for Calculation of Life-Cycle Cost of Cable Ownership and Comparison with the IEC Formula” to be published in Electric Power System Research.
  • Cichy, A., Sakowicz, B., Kaminski M., (2017b) „Economic Optimization of an Underground Power Cable Installation”, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, available in IEEE early access articles.

and various publications and presentations at national and international conferences.I would like to encourage you to cooperate in accordance with your current and planned activities. I believe that our cooperation will bring you satisfaction, measurable benefits and will significantly contribute to your success.


At the end of November 2019, I finished working for Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. where I have gained extensive experience in the selection, valuation, installation, operation and testing of high and extra high voltage cable systems in Poland and abroad.

Between the years 2002 – 2005 I worked for Polish Railways Power Engineering (Western Branch), where  I have gained experience in measurement and exploitation of power equipment used in railways such as medium and low voltage cable systems and other power equipment (including traction rectifiers).

In October 2018, I defended my doctoral dissertation entitled „Optimization of the costs of installation and operation of high voltage cable lines” written under the supervision of professor George Anders, and thus I obtained a PhD degree at the Department of Microelectronics and Information Technology at  the Łódź University of Technology.

Business partnership proposal

I would like to use my experience and knowledge by offering you a partnership  in the field of technical consulting, particularly in:

  • optimization of the selection of high voltage cable systems in technical and economic terms,
  • preparation of technical documentation for construction and executive designs,
  • analysis of technical documentation in terms of correct selection of cable and other elements of the cable system,
  • verification and evaluation of technical documentation in the process of qualifying suppliers and contractors,
  • audits and participation in acceptance tests at cable system component manufacturers,
  • supervision over the entire process of cable systems installing.

In addition I can offer, in cooperation with specialists recognized throughout the world, the following services:

  • the application of modern mathematical methods for the analysis of large power AC and DC systems,
  • determination of  power systems reliability,
  • thermal analysis of power cable systems,

and in particular:

  • calculation of electrical parameters of power systems using the finite element method,
  • calculation of electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity of cable lines,
  • selection of appropriate parameters of return veins in terms of meeting short-circuit parameters,

calculating the impact of power cables on other devices in their vicinity (both due to induced currents and thermal influences).

Contact details

Andrzej Cichy

+ 48 510 852 605

+ 48 510 007 786